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  • Teamwork

    Dedication to teamwork:

    The environment we live make us to be an efficient, rigorous and harmonious team, Every one of our employees truly pinpoint their position in the enterprise value chain, through efficient teamwork and the sharing of knowledge, resources complementary to create value.

    The growth and development of Hengfei refrigeration company can not be separated from understanding and dedication of the employees of the company. The passion of entrepreneurs trying to work is the corporate culture we respected and advocated.

    Management philosophy: integrity is more important than ability

    Hengfei refrigeration company treats corporate culture as the highest management level, through the influence of corporate culture to reach a consensus in the values ??and corporate philosophy, to cultivate the spirit of love and dedication. At the same time, through the institutionalization of company to achieve the project management, to ensure the timely completion of the various projects of the company.

    The spirit of innovation

    Challenge the spirit of innovation:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水The innovation is a fundamental driving force for sustainable development of enterprises. We believe that innovation is a positive way of thinking, reflected in all aspects of technology applications, services, management and culture. The polymerization of each employee's innovative ability and practical ability will achieve the business innovation, constantly breakthrough and bring continuous development. But we are not simply to pursue a deliberately difference, to promote the basis of innovation at good learning and good reuse. And to build the core competitiveness of the sustainable development of enterprises.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水To face this environment full of change and competitive, Only with the spirit of challenge that we can boldly forward and breakthrough in the competition and pressure. Success requires constantly forget the achievements of the past, and continue to learn. We advocate beyond the self, persistent pursuit and constantly challenge the pinnacle of technology and market.

    Development philosophy: careful and professional, pragmatic and innovative

    Hengfei refrigeration company treats pragmatic as the basis for enterprise development, as well as the driving force for development, and the basis of innovation is down-to-earth to achieve. To constantly meet and exceed the demand of the users on the technologies, products and services, companies and employees have to constantly challenge ourselves every day, and never be complacent. Hengfei refrigeration treats flawless and excellence as its goal to pursue, which is the standards of Hengfei refrigeration say goodbye to the past and into the future, and the pursuit of excellence will make Hengfei refrigeration endeavour forever.

    Service philosophy: the customer is always right

    Hengfei refrigeration fully consider the various needs of customers, and "user satisfaction" as a commitment to users, in our best efforts to meet the various needs of users, at the same time, to provide users with a more personalized service, to make users' ideals and pursuit be reality.


    Talent Concept: to best use one's talent

    Hengfei refrigeration has been made pragmatic as the starting point on the choice of talent , the selected staff of company is not only the best talent, but also must be the most suitable talent. These people promote the maximum development of the company ,and at the same time, the company also provides them with the most suitable development platform, which truly properly make the best use one's talent. Hengfei refrigeration regarded teamwork as a core of staff cooperation, but in the process of the implementation of the company's development strategy and objectives, each employee regardless of his position, can express their ideas, stated his own advices, and on the implementation of specific things, all employees are with you, so that the development of the company's be more healthy, and more targeted.

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