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Technical support and services
  • The Company believes that the quality of service is an extension of the corporate image and products. Corporate staff firmly establish the service concept of "the user in mind, satisfactory in hengfei", the user's needs are fully satisfied by the quality of the pre-sale and after-sale service.

    Service agencies:

    1.Company Service Department: responsible for after-sale service work, and management of all users. Company headquarters has hundreds of people as professional maintenance staff, with professional maintenance standards. Most of the staff have over three years of experience in host equipment maintenance. Be able to quickly and accurately determine the cause of the malfunction of the units of each model and can quickly troubleshoot problems.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水2.Special maintenance points: the company's products and installation projects throughout the country, and therefore establish a number of service outlets: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang, Hefei, Changchun, Dalian, Nanjing, Xi'an, Changsha, Fuzhou, Taiyuan, Shijiazhuang,Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, Wuhan, Jinan, and set up a number of special maintenance engineering department.

    Establish perfect user profile:

    Company Customer Service Department has a person responsible for the establishment and management of user profiles.When customers purchase, Attn fill in after-sale tracking table, such as the purchase units and user unit's name, address, phone, contacts, and others, together with the bill of lading to the warehouse.Warehouse workers fill out the unit number while shipping, then send the tracking form to the Customer Service Department for entering into a computer, unified management and timely establish user profiles.

    Perfect warranty card:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水1.The company host device machine warranty for 24 months.During the warranty period, if there is quality problem that affecting the use, users can have a free repair and free replacement Parts and Accessories with warranty card and purchase invoice; over the warranty period, the company can provide all original spare parts for the unit or substitute parts ,and the cost is responsible for maintenance.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水2.The range of services: Under normal circumstances, product quality problems occurred without disassembly, repair free of charge during the warranty period; After the warranty period, the company still provide maintenance and the supply of spare parts at the most favorable prices .

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水3.After-sale Service quality: when the customer is in the process of using our products, such as failure, only need fax or telephone confirmation, company service personnel will go for home maintenance within the shortest time .

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水4.After sales service engineers will carry out regular maintenance for the user's device, the inspection maintenance cycles according to your requirements (during the warranty period, not less than twice a year for free home visit), the cost is charged according to the actual situation may be, in order to ensure that the equipment is in good condition to use.

    To develop a reasonable fees:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Users outside the warranty period, the company charges for parts and maintenance services provided at cost price.

    Service Hotline:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水For user-friendly advice, understanding the user's needs, the company opened a person responsible for the service hotline, hotline :400 -680-9500

    Training programs:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水1.We are free to provide operation and maintenance training for our buyer's technicians.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水2.After winning, we will provide a detailed training plan, the training period of five working days, on-site and factory service center.

    3.On-site training: when device debugging, our engineers will go for the first time hands-on training to the buyer's technicians on the scene, the buyer may arrange for a technician to participate together. Main contents are: Screw chiller systems and equipment introduced; semi-enclosed piston parallel unit systems and equipment introduced; explain the day-to-day operation and maintenance processes.

    4.After-sales service center will be regularly carry out maintenance service training courses, specific content according to the actual situation.

    After sale service measures and Warranty:

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水1.Random details: ① "installation instructions" the ② "instruction manual" ③ "warranty card" ④ "certificate"

    2.Our commitment to the system equipment in the project (including attachments): the machine warranty for 12 months, parts and compressor warranty for one year;

    3.During the warranty period the failure caused by the non-human factors, we are responsible for maintenance.And responsible for the secondary free maintenance service about the whole equipment every year during the warranty period;

    4.during the warranty period due to the improper use or failures out of warranty, provide a free service, and only pay the cost of replacement parts.

    5.Our company has resident after-sales service personnel, to guarantee six hours to reach the scene and solve the problem.

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