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Cold storage design factors to be considered
  • Keyword:Cold storage   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-26
  • Determine the actual storage products and cold storage survey site after removal of the separate requirements of the customer design drawings. Cold storage design needs to consider several factors, in general, divided into five factors.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水1, the construction of the dam site to the transformation program: general this is for the medium and large-scale construction. Be considered when designing the flat land, furnished according to the structure of the Treasury unit placement, allocation of refrigeration components such as the engine room, control room area.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水2, the structure of the selected: Treasury of insulation materials are generally to use polyurethane library board more in the past, there are many local materials, the use of rice and other off-the-shelf materials, cold storage building was used directly in the cave natural rock insulation can be.

    3, the cooling capacity of calculation and matching: according to the actual needs of the client to determine the number of horses of the compressor unit, so as to decide the choice of auxiliary equipment. These completed only after that the arrangement of the pipes, lines. The other based on the specific needs of the customer to determine whether you want to add other separated room.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水4, cold storage been circulating water will be used to water supply and drainage which involves two steps. In the design of cold storage also need to meet the security requirements of the scene of the fire water and related industries.

    5, the last step to consider ground problem, taking into account whether the customer will drag on the ground when the size of the ground area of ​​pressure in the cargo or cargo storage in cold storage design, the most important issue is that the ground need to do a good job in the warehouse freezing measures damage on the ground to prevent hypothermia.

    The need to consider the general cold storage building is more than five points, which is the most basic of several considerations. Additional considerations generally to consider the design of the site conditions and the specific requirements of the customers.

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