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Temperature industrial refrigeration equipment divided
  • Keyword:industrial refrigeration   Author:admin   Time:2012-11-26
  • Why the national regulations of frozen food temperature is 18 degrees below zero?

    Cold storage, cold storage design, cold storage, cold storage installation, refrigeration equipment, Overview: water, juice minus 18 degrees in food organization will not be lost, and in such a low temperature, microorganisms basically not breeding, food safety a guarantee, but it is hard to avoid food taste, flavor changes. More importantly, quick-frozen, dietary fat will slow oxidation, vitamins are slow decomposition. Therefore, the nutritional value of frozen food and fresh fish, meat, etc. can not be compared.
    Typically, quick frozen processing of fresh food, often selected temperature of quick-frozen to minus 30 degrees Celsius to minus 35 degrees Celsius.
    Life, the common use of cold storage, freezer processed food, generally under the conditions of minus 18 degrees Celsius to minus 23 degrees Celsius freeze frozen so long time, often more than 90 minutes, to be exact, this food is called slow freezing or slow freezing food.
    Quick frozen processing gentle cold processing differences can freeze fresh vegetables organization chart to compare before and after treatment: the treatment of fresh vegetables in the quick-frozen tissue moisture condenses into small crystals evenly distributed throughout the organization through the larger image, you can apparent, no deformation of cells, not the loss of moisture in the food organization, juice. Quick frozen processing to avoid the slow freezing food freezing process, the cell wall extrusion deformation organization moisture, drip loss caused decline in the quality of food products.
    Frozen food production, processing, transportation, sales process has strict requirements for temperature, various activities must be kept at minus 18 degrees. Refrigeration system manufacturers, transport food refrigerated trucks, refrigerated cabinets, business sales in the consumer's home refrigerator should meet this requirement, such a process is called cold chain of frozen food.
    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水 The high-quality frozen food to meet this requirement, this is why?

    Cold storage, cold storage design, cold storage, cold storage installation, refrigeration equipment, food experts think: temperature control at minus 18 degrees Celsius, the main reason is to make all kinds of bacteria is completely inhibited state the bacteria enzyme which is also in all inhibitory state, so enzyme activities can not be carried out once in minus 18 degrees Celsius, the enzyme's activity will continue, so, fat, protein, must be subject to varying degrees of decomposition, it can not keep the food authentic.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Frozen method can maximize their original appearance and quality of the food, not only can inhibit the activities of microorganisms, enzymes, reducing the water activity of the food, to prevent the deterioration of food, but also to maintain the freshness of food original. The dinner is not just for people today to fill his belly, pay attention to nutrition balanced.

    Zhu Xiangyuan, nutrition experts say, the frozen food in addition to maintaining the traditional flavor, as compared with other food storage to maintain nutrition, there will be no change in its protein, fat, including trace elements, major elements, vitamins are retained relative than the other way, the frozen food in this way is the best.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Frozen food to keep the original nutrition, then, in the purchase and consumption of frozen food, he should pay attention to what?

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水First, buy frozen food packaging specification should be selected, the complete product of the project;

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水And then there are the natural white color, no discoloration, dark products; There is a choice identifiable, clearly the product of the shelf life of the production date;

    Finally select merchants freezer temperature is low, thaw phenomenon, no adhesion of the product in the product between individuals.

    In addition, the purchase should buy nearby master last part of the procurement.

    Cold storage, cold storage design, cold storage, cold storage installation, refrigeration equipment,
    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水 Frozen food consumption level reflects a national and regional economic development and eating habits. Generally economically developed countries and regions, the frozen food consumption level is also higher, and the fast pace of life, eating particular about quick, this is the modern trend of living standards, but also gave birth to the huge market potential of frozen food consumption.

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