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About Us
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    Cold storage - professional service providers

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Shanghai Hengfei Refrigeration Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated company with a set of product design, product development, product manufacturing, engineering packages, after-sales service, technical advisory. Our company mainly produce and customize various combined cold storage, professional install modular freezer, frozen library, cold storage, and preservation library, laboratory library, explosion-proof library and ultra-low temperature (0 ℃ to -120 ℃) ??library and other refrigeration equipments, to meet the various needs of the customers. The products are widely used in food, health care, bio-engineering, aquatic products, supermarkets, electronics, hotel services and other industries. In the process of their own development, the company has always been in people-oriented business philosophy to promote technology development. In joint collaboration with many universities and research institutions in Shanghai, is committed to the research and development of products, mainly provides cold storage Shanghai, cold storage Hefei, cold storage Nanjing, cold storage Changsha, cold storage Fuzhou,cold storage Hangzhou, cold storage Zhejiang, cold storage Anhui, cold storage Jiangsu, cold storage Hunan, cold storage Fujian, refrigeration equipments and other cold storages. Also create a construction team with rich work experience and perfect service system, to provide customers with the highest quality services and cold storage engineering expertise about cold storage installation, cold storage construction, cold storage maintenance.

    And has always been dedicated to provide the best storage design for the global high-end customers, to better meet the needs of the most demanding users of non-standard products. In order to meet customer demand, our company has a lot of stocks, with professional technical sales staff to quickly respond to customer's asking about the price, and be ready to provide customers with technical services and high-quality after-sales service. And in order to maintain business growth and fast freight service, our company in cooperation with a number of courier companies, land transport and shipping companies, to greatly improve the efficiency of our company's freight, and to meet the requirements of the high efficiency of our commitment to customers.

    Through the efforts of our company, developed to a diverse portfolio of companies today. Administered: Shanghai Hengfei Refrigeration Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. Hefei Branch, Shanghai Hengfei refrigeration engineering equipment Co., Ltd. Qingdao Branch, Shanghai Hengfei refrigeration engineering equipment Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, Shanghai Hengfei refrigeration Engineering equipment Co., Ltd., Changsha Branch, Shanghai Hengfei refrigeration Engineering equipment Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Branch, Shanghai Hengfei refrigeration engineering equipment Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch, and Beijing Office, Urumqi office, Guangzhou Office,Nanchang office.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Main products that have been developed and producted: Combination of cold storage, low temperature cold storage, cold storage units, vegetables cold storage, preservation cold storage , medicine cold storage, refrigerated cold storage, freezing cold storage, quick-frozen cold storage, dual temperature refrigerator, activities cold storage, explosion-proof cold storage, controlled atmosphere cold storage, constant temperature cold storage, small cold storage, wind condensers, water condensers, refrigeration units, chillers, industrial chillers, ceiling type air cooler, shell and tube dry-type evaporator, various types of horizontal type, vertical liquid storage bottles, series of wind,water cooled compressed condensing units,cold storage integrated machine, milk cans unit, leather stereotypes unit (including evaporator). And as sales agent of Germany Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors, American Copeland semi-hermetic compressors, France Maeurope and Tecumseh Hermetic compressor and a variety of import and export of refrigeration accessories, key components have been applied for national patents.

    The company equipment production covers an area of 13650 square meters, plant area of 7200 square meters, the production of refrigeration equipment for heat exchangers - shell and tube condenser, diameter φ100-φ402mm, length of 800-2500 mm.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Pressure vessel tooling equipment: Pressure vessel tooling equipment: automatic electric welding machine 6 sets, 3 sets of automatic protection welder, 3 welding rod boxes. Water condensers, horizontal liquid receiver, vertical liquid storage, automatic rotational speed welding jig 3 sets. Water condensers, horizontal type liquid receiver, Simplified automatic cutting jig 3 sets. Water condenser, expanding machine units, heat exchangers, tube expander machine 3 sets. Automatic sub-arc welding machine 2 sets. Registered employees Total: 327. 5 senior engineers and 18 engineers. 56 marketing personnel, 248 equipment manufacturing personnel.

    399322com香港挂牌-2021香港今天开码结果-114888com红姐心水Company always adhere to the purpose of "people-oriented, win the trust by quality, strict requirements, progress while maintaining stability," and strictly implement the quality policy of "scientific management,and careful construction, to benefit the customer". Strengthen internal management, pay close attention to the quality of the project, to regulate the operational behavior, improve service quality, enhance the corporate image of the company in Shanghai, Sichuan, Anhui, Xinjiang, Shandong and other refrigeration sector.

    Company always adhere to the spirit of enterprise of "dedication, integrity and pragmatic, progressive", and is willing to work with old and new friends from all walks of life to cooperate in good faith, is delighted to help customer to create a first-class quality engineering.

    Our company has won the praise of customers, please contact us for cold storage price and related equipment and services!

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